17 Apr 2014

Warren Hills

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Warren Hills is near Coalville, Leicestershire, and is one of my favourite places to be. There are pointy rocks, droopy trees and heather. There are often also Longhorn cows, but not today.

30 Mar 2013

Robertson Bakers

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Robertsons have been baking on their premises continuously for 66 years. That’s without a break – save for the few days that the ‘new’ ovens took to put in, 20-odd years ago. Sadly, the all too familiar economic pressures have made it uneconomical for this wonderful establishment to keep running. If you are used to fresh artisan made bread, then you know how dreadful the stuff that the chains sell is in comparison. Tescos, Warburtons, Hovis etc can tell us how lovely their bread is, but that is just advertising. It’s not real. Robertsons made real bread. Cakes too. The difference is that the real thing has been baked for millennia, in much the same way, across continents and cultures. When we smell and taste fresh bread, we are hooking into that basic, fundamental food. The tradition that has been enjoyed by everybody, for centuries. It’s biblical, fer Pete’s sake. And now our little corner of London has lost it’s wonderful artisan bakery. Rats..

Thanks to Clive and his fabulous staff for letting me get in the way for a couple of hours.

28 Feb 2013

TP Outing – Greenwich Feb 2013

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Talk Photography‘s Film & Conventional Forum organised an outing, and as a nominal member I was invited along. It was brilliant! Great company and loads of camera nerdy stuff. Can’t wait for the next one.

01 Feb 2013

Freezin’ January

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I am not enjoying the cold and the dark and the rain and the snow. If it gets above freezing, people complain about it being too warm! Flippin ‘eck. If it’s below 30º C, it’s cold. If I have to wear more than a pair of swimming trunks, it’s cold. IT’S F*CK’N COLD – OK? Jeezus. I’m living in the wrong bloody country.

23 Oct 2012


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I got a few days in Bangkok after my trip to Taipei. Saw a couple of temples, but to be honest I mostly just loafed in the park reading me book and enjoying the warmth. Then back to freezin’ London..

19 Oct 2012

Taipei 2012

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My second trip to Taipei for our World Exclusives Conference, which is a bunfight regularly punctuated with food. I love it.

12 Oct 2012


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I have just had my D700 back from the menders. Mr Miles H. Whitehead has done a wonderful job at a very good price and in time for me Taiwan trip. This guy is brilliant  – totally recommended!


09 Oct 2012

Shooting Film & Split Toning

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Yeah, well I know I have said that split toning in Lightroom is cheesy, and it is, but I am quite liking the effect. I am having to shoot film while my camera is being repaired but surprisingly, really enjoying it. Shooting b&w as processing is reasonably quick. Scanning is less so and the spotting off of bazillions of dust dots/drying marks/Newtons rings/crappy stuff you find on cheap, out of date film, is a chore. But worth the labour. Mostly, but not exclusively using a Nikkor 55mm f1.2 that has a shallow depth of field and makes everything very very blurry, and that mostly on an F100. A nice combo – workman-like and not nearly as taxing as dragging a D700 with a fat lens around.

01 Oct 2012

D Super 5

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My sort-of brother-in-law Russ now owns the car of his dreams. It is a work of art.

23 Aug 2012

Hove & Brighton

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Spent a couple of days with friends on the coast. Lovely! I want to move to Hove..


All colour pics (except the pano) with the D700 and magical Nikkor_NC 24mm smeary / vignetty lump of fruity glass.