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30 Mar 2013

Robertson Bakers

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Robertsons have been baking on their premises continuously for 66 years. That’s without a break – save for the few days that the ‘new’ ovens took to put in, 20-odd years ago. Sadly, the all too familiar economic pressures have made it uneconomical for this wonderful establishment to keep running. If you are used to fresh artisan made bread, then you know how dreadful the stuff that the chains sell is in comparison. Tescos, Warburtons, Hovis etc can tell us how lovely their bread is, but that is just advertising. It’s not real. Robertsons made real bread. Cakes too. The difference is that the real thing has been baked for millennia, in much the same way, across continents and cultures. When we smell and taste fresh bread, we are hooking into that basic, fundamental food. The tradition that has been enjoyed by everybody, for centuries. It’s biblical, fer Pete’s sake. And now our little corner of London has lost it’s wonderful artisan bakery. Rats..

Thanks to Clive and his fabulous staff for letting me get in the way for a couple of hours.